Historical Development of the Department

Duties of the department of social services were performed through the Assistant Director of the Social Services under District Secretary of each district until the 13th amendment to the constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka was adopted. Subsequent to delegation of powers to the Provincial Councils by the 13th amendment to the Constitution, Powers delegated to the Department of Social Services by the Provincial Director of Social Services through the Provincial Ministry’s secretary are implemented by the Provincial Director of Social Services in performing these functions, following services are discharged to the poor, disabled, distressed and innocent people in Southern Province.

Major Functional Area Social Service Section

  • Program for payment of public assistance.
  • Providing financial assistance for tuberculosis / cancer/ leprosy / thalesimia patients
  • Implementation of the rehabilitation program for recipients of public assistance and disabled people.
  • Program for providing Casual relief.
  • Taking necessary action for socialization of disabled persons.
  • Providing of spectacles, eye lenses, hearing apparatus, wheel chairs clutches , hand supports, walkers and tricycles.
  • Emergency disaster incident.
  • Providing assistance to elder’s homes, schools for the deaf, dumb and the blind, homes for the disabled and vocational training centers for the disabled run by the voluntary organizations, admission of persons to such institutions and supervision.
  • Implementation of various programs and supply physical resources for the mental and physical health of residencies of particular institutes under the provincial subject specific development grant.
  • Helping to solve social problems in the present society.
  • Implementation of program for the well protected social ethics.
  • Aids given for poor family to Education taking Medicine and Build houses, for Disabled Person from Social Service fund.
  • set up the eye Clinic in rural area And given a Spectacles for poor People.
  • Services Supply for abandon people under Ridiyagama Detention Camp. Around 600 of residents who are convicted in courts order are Rehabilited in this institute

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