Elders who live in the Southern Province, the disabled, the poor community welfare projects and programs, allowing them to lead the development of Southern shareholders and  Measures to rehabilitate and develop the children's and avoid being referred to as a distraction, allowing the use of public resources optimally and non-governmental organizations and individuals to participate in, and support for the southern province of social care and children who were subjected to injustice and misleading guidance.

Main Functions of the Department

  • Holding clinical service for elders
  • Providing relief for housing to the disabled and low income people.
  • Providing relief for self-employments to the disable and low income people for strengthening their living condition.
  • Assuring the safety of social welfare for the orphans of the Ridiyagama Detention Home.
  • Providing personal relief to the appropriate children selected under the youth and children act.
  • Providing relief for children homes and children parks in Southern Province.
  • Implementing scholarship programs for the children, having risk in probationary.
  • Preventing the children in probation and providing relief to the probationers.
  • Assuring the rights of the children, making sound conduct in physical, mental and social.
  • Providing the guidance and protection to the children who needed special attention in the society.
  • Holding children day festival and Sport meets for the probationary children.
  • Rehabilitating and providing welfare for the children who were abused & neglected.
  • Making aware of the people about children rights.

History of the Probation Department

The department of probation and child care services was established in 1956, after the establishment of provincial councils. the duties, responsibilities & authorities were vested to provincial department at 1987. Services of this department can be divided in to three sections. They are as follow,

  • Rehabilitation services
  • Child care services
  • Mixed services

Under rehabilitation services there are certified schools, detention homes & remand homes for the children involved in juvenile delinquencies. The legal guardian of the children below 18 is the district court. The district court has delegated this power to the department of probation & child care. So it's the duty of the department to provide care & protection for the children those who were abandoned ' abused and at risk.

History of the of the Social Services Department

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